For a good start of the day, breakfast is very rich, complete and very healthy.

You can choose to sit inside in our dining room or in summer, on the terrace in the patio where you will be pleasantly bathed by the first rays of sun. petit dejeuner provence
They are served from 8 am to 9:30 am every morning.

They come in the form of a buffet  : coffee, chocolate, Ricoré, milk, different choice of teas and herbal teas, orange and apple juices, fresh bread, butter, honey from Moustiers, choice of home-made jams , cereals, cottage cheese, fresh fruit.

petits dejeuners moustiersIt consist of:
Home products from our production: a choice of 5 different jams prepared by Sylvie with fruits from the garden picked very ripe by Noël, fresh fruit depending on the season (cherries, apricots, plums, figs), eggs.
Products from organic agriculture: muesli, honey from Moustiers
Products selected for their quality : corn flakes, Alpine cottage cheese, Tomme cheese from Ubaye  valley, goat cheese from Verdon, cooked and cured ham, fresh baguette bread and 5 cereal bread.
Fresh produce: an assortment of fresh fruits petits dejeuners verdon

Some of these products such as eggs, ham, cheese, cakes are offered alternately, the others every days.