Moustiers Sainte Marie local market

Moustiers Sainte Marie Provence market

When spring arrives the market begins to take on its colors with its fruits and vegetables, and all kinds of local products: Marie-Ange cookies, goat and sheep cheeses made by Julien and Fabrigoules farm, ham, sausages and vegetable tapas from Bondil butcher’s shop, olives and tapenade, green and ripe fruity AOC olive oils, Provence herbs, Provence honey, organic breads…
A market as beautiful as it is good, the Moustiers Sainte Marie market awaits Moustiérains and tourists on Friday mornings in front of the town hall. The more the good weather arrives, the more we advance in the season and the more it grows and spreads in the village towards the rue de la Bourgade. This is an opportunity to enjoy the smells and colors of Provence, the atmosphere, while tasting some specialties of the region. It is a very pleasant stroll where you can glean excellent Verdon products for your lunch or evening picnics to enjoy on the terrace back to the Petit Ségriès farmhouse.

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