Verdon Gorges mix mini-van and bike

Did you think that mountain bike in the Verdon Gorges would be only for confirmed or professionals?  You would be surprise, but everyone can enjoy the feeling of cycling all along this impressive route! How comes? There is a trick.. a minibus will take you to the very top of the Verdon Gorges and therefore, your route will essentially consist of going down with soft ascents! For the most rash, a more difficult route will be happily suggested.

This program was created by Auriane. In the morning, she will take you to the very top of the Canyon, she will take you to the most impressive belvederes where you will discover the rich bird life of the Canyon: the Griffon vultures. She will share with  you the history of the Canyon and villages around. Then… with a picnic in your bag, bottles of waters, a map of the route, it will be time for you to cycle and to enjoy the famous route by yourself!
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