ImbutVerdon Gorge is the result of water erosion of the Verdon and time. The most prestigious are the high gorges upstream of the Sainte-Croix Lake, the deepest canyon in Europe, but do not miss the lower gorges downstream of the Sainte-Croix Lake going to  Montpezat and Saint-Laurent du Verdon.

Here you can enjoy all kinds of activities:
By car, motorbike, minibus: drive on the right bank, around Route des Crêtes, go back by left bank, the Corniche Sublime, it takes approximately 110km. It will take an entire day if you stop at the many viewpoints and you visit the pretty villages on your way: La Palud, Rougon Trigance, Aiguines. You can also enjoy guided minibus tours Provisito gorges-du-verdonand Getaway in Provence.

Road bike: you will follow the same circuit as cars

Hiking: the sentier du pêcheur, the sentier Blanc Martel, the bastidon, The Imbut, Grand Margès, you will also see beautiful views on the Verdon from crest of Ourbès. The high gorges are deeper and steeper than the lower canyon where hiking is more accessible for people who are not used to hiking in the mountains.
For all these hikes, ask us once here, they are not all accessible to everybody and we can give you good advices and lend you hiking maps. Also see our article hikes in the Verdon. Also our article about hiking in the canyon of Verdon

Wild water: floating, rafting
Canoeing, pedal boat, electric boat: on the lake or from the deck of Galetas towards waterfalls Saint Maurin, the end of the high gorges of Verdon or Baudinard canyon, you are already in the lower Verdon gorges.