At Petit Ségriès, we take great pride in offering a real guest table: we preserve the tradition at our dinner table, sharing it with our guests, serving at one table, cooking quality  products and traditional recipes, talking about our specificity in Verdon and Provence, forging links between our guests to make your holiday with us unforgettable. It is a great and really special moment.

Great care is taken in our cooking, first in the choice of products and then in the preparation, everything is home cooked on site by Sylvie. At our guest table in Moustiers, the menu is different  every evening even if you stay with us two weeks, you will not eat the same thing twice.

The cooking is first Provencal then extended to Mediterranean recipes to provide a greater variety of menus. It is made of products from our production such as eggs, fruits, aromatic herbs picked on the property; local products selected for their quality and to make you discover our terroir : deliciously fruity olive oil from Moustiers and Puimoisson, goat cheese from Verdon, which you can find on the market at Moustiers on Friday morning, Provence honeys made by Raphaël Scipion beekeeper at Moustiers, vegetables choosen on the market.

For wines we have selected for you the Cave des Vignerons in Pierrevert. We offer a fruity rosé that is really a specificity of the Alpes de Haute Provence winemakers  and particularly appreciated by our guests, and also red AOP Grenache Syrah. These wines are included in the menu.
We also offer a selection of wines that are not included.


tatin-tomates-moustiersVery often seasonal mixed salads made with green asparagus, “fèves”  which are special beans from Provence, roasted peppers; hot or cold soup depending on the season, vegetable quiches and terrines, soupe au pistou, our special tasty tomato salad with fruity olive oil and basil.

Main Dishes

Different recipies of lamb: first the classic leg of lamb flavored with herbs, the stew with tomatoes, herbs, garlic, onions and saffron, grilled chops and lamb merguez; confit rabbit in olive oil with “ail en chemise”, stir-fry chicken with olives, daube provençale, roast pork with sage, farcis which is our typical recipe of stuffed vegetables.

These main dishes are served with Provencal gratin, polenta, vegetable tian, local spelled grain…
Single dishes: the most classic unmissable always appreciated : the great Provençal aioli and then to vary for longer stay: couscous, paella


You must know that the territory is mainly producer of goat cheese, in fact you’ll soon discover that there are no cows in the area. We therefore propose, because they are very good and always well ripe, Julien goat cheeses and varied cow cheeses that come from the Ubaye area, north of the department.

For dessert

For dessert, we offer our home-made sorbets. This is not something new, we started at the opening in 2001 and since we always improved. It is always a great success and surprise with the
flavours. They are made with good ripe seasonal fruits, mainly from the garden. We also make aromatic sorbets deliciously and delicately herbs flavored : thyme, verbena, mint, lavender; generally ten flavours are available.

If like us, you love meeting people, our guestable is a great time of conviviality. Those who discover it for the first time, adopt it, recommend it and cannot wait for another experience.

Sharing the guest table is of course not to have to drive away for dinner, but it is especially a good time having fun meeting people from all over the world, all ages, all backgrounds, so many stories, very often we feel like it is a party of friends.

It is also a way to discover our terroir as talking about local agriculture, local crafts, local knowledges, local anecdotes,
ideas products to take home, tips and tricks to organize your stay in the beautiful region of the Verdon and make it the most enjoyable holiday you’d never had.

And to end the evening, your musical instruments are welcome …

You will be served according to the season and the weather in our dining room with the beautiful large farmhouse table in chestnut or in the patio, a cozy area enclosed between typical stone walls and under the treille in wrought iron.

Also a very special care is taken in choosing our dishes. Most of our dishes, salad bowls, baking dishes, service, pitchers, saucers, teapots, cups and cereal bowls, are glazed earthenware made by artisans from Moustiers or neighboring villages; the plates are from the earthenware Varages.

Since 2020, we adapt to the pandemia and respect the sanitary protocols.
I still offer 2 or 3 dinner a week.
I usually propose a menu between 22 and 24€ including a starter, main dish and dessert.
You can also have a plate of local cheeses in extra. And i have a nice Carte des vins of Provence, all organic wine.
We look forward to sharing these great moments with you but please mention your interest as soon as possible, while you book the room is the best.

Night without dinner, we are pleased to recommend the best restaurants in Moustiers Sainte Marie, Riez and other villages.

In order to properly continue the day and pleasantly start the evening, you can join us before dinner time to enjoy an aperitif. It can be enjoyed at the bar, in the lounge, patio, terrace in the shade of the sail while watching the sunset over the valley.

Our appetizers are also part of your trip, we offer a wide selection of aperitifs, prepared by us: walnut wine, cherry wine, myrtle wine, lemon wine, mandarin or orange wine, and also we buy some really typical ones like HB pastis very fragrant, Rinquinquin, génépy wine … all accompanied with homemade tapenade or olives from our house.

And because we are ourselves fond of fine wines and good beers, we also offer a small selection of wines from Provence and beers, including Moustiers craft beer brewed and manufactured in Moustiers Sainte Marie.

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