The petit Ségriès guesthouse hotel is located in the heart of the lavender fields and you can enjoy the view and scents directly from your room. Since 2021, in addition to the neighbor’s fields that delight us every year, you can also my fields freshly planted with lavender.

The lavender roads
The Valensole plateau is a large plain that stretches from Valensole to Quinson, to Lake Sainte-Croix, to the Montdenier, to the post of Telle. It is grown mainly of lavender, in fact lavandin  which is a hybrid plant, crossing true lavender and lavender aspic. But what gives even more charm to the Valensole plateau and makes it even more photogenic is the crops associated with lavender: almond, olive, truffle, sage, fennel, coriander, immortal, sunflower, rapeseed, wheat.
Unforgettable scenery throughout the year but undoubtedly the best period is the blooming of lavender in June-July, flowering poppies in May-June, flowering sunflowers in June to August, flowering almond trees in early spring, olive trees throughout the year.
Half-day tour: from Petit Ségriès guest house at Moustiers, Puimoisson, Saint Jurs, Valensole, Riez and back to Moustiers
Distance: 47 km
This tour can be done by car, electric bike or road bike.
It is possible to visit lavender distillery on the way at the season, to make a stop at the markets of Riez on Wednesday and Saturday or Valensole on Saturday morning and why not a gourmet stop?

On a one-day tour, we recommend expanding the tour to Entrevennes.

And taste local products made from lavender.

And bring back products: lavender flowers, lavender bags to put in your cupboards, essential oil, floral water, soaps, shower gels, lavender honeys….

We advise you to book your room in advance at the Ferme du petit Ségriès, b&b at Moustiers Sainte Marie, this period is fully booked long in advance and the house is ideally located.