Verdon is really a paradise for outdoor sports, and also the opportunity to experience activities that you could not do elsewhere.
It is a mecca for climbing, you will find in the Verdon very high climbing routes but other sites also attract climbers from all around the world to canyonAiguines, Moustiers, Quinson. For those who prefer to be guided, we recommend Bruno and William Des guides pour l’Aventure and Alan

Bruno and William also guide canyoning, whitewater swimming, floating and rafting. Supervised, these activities are accessible to almost everyone.

Tree climbing: Parcours aventure et accrobranche with Canyon Park in Gréoux-les-bains (25mn), Arbre et aventure at Digne-les-bains and Verdon Aventure at Vinon sur Verdon (40mn), Adventure Forest at Castellane (1h).
Bungee jumping at the bridge of Artuby with Latitude Challenge
Via ferrata Rocher de neuf heures à Digne-les-bains (45mn) and Via ferrata de la grande fistoire, Le Caire Haute-Provence (1h30).: one of the nicest Via ferrata in France labeled Quality Tourism brand.